‘Wet willy’ could cost Mavericks Delonte West

Kalyn McMackin Contributor
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What was a childish prank between Mavericks point guard Delonte West and Utah Jazz guard Gordon Hayward, could come back around to bite West in the pocketbook.

In Monday nights game, with 3:41 left in the quarter, West was called for a foul after pushing Hayward with his arm and shortly after, he proceeded to stick his finger into Hayward’s ear, giving him a “wet willy”.

Consequently, West was given a technical foul during the closing seconds of the second quarter. According to West, it was a joke.

“I was giving him a wet willy, that’s all,” West said in a report by Fox Sports Local. “He had some lint in his hair.”

Hayward didn’t find humor in it.

‘I wanted to fight right there, but you can’t do that,” Hayward told the AP before Tuesday’s practice. ”It wouldn’t have been the smart idea. I’d risk getting a technical foul, getting suspended for the season, whatever. There’s more important things than fighting someone out on the court. The more important thing was getting the win and we were able to do that.”

West could possibly be receiving a phone call from the league office in the next couple days.


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