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When did President Barack Obama stop eating dogs?

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I’m trying to find out:

No reply so far. Maybe he’s on the golf course or at the pet store or something.

And then this happened:

See, when Romney puts a dog on a car roof, it’s a job for Diane Sawyer. When Obama eats one*, it’s a goofy Jeanne Moos story. And isn’t it interesting that an incident from 1983 couldn’t be more current, but quoting one of Obama’s books is “dredging” it up? Guess it all depends on which party is embarrassed about it.

And now, here are some images of Obama and his friends meals. I don’t have credits for all of these, so if you did one of them, let me know and I’ll credit you.

From Slublog:

From Dogs Against Obama:

From Nate Beeler at the Columbus Dispatch:

There was also a great Photoshop of Obama setting a trap for Bo, but I didn’t save it and now I can’t find it. Which is probably for the best, because remember, it’s not funny. Obama eating dogs is not a laughing matter. Unlike Romney putting his dog on the roof of his car.

Well, it looks like the “Seamus the Dog” stories have really slowed down for some reason. So now the libs are doing what they always do when a stupid attack backfires: pretend it never happened and move right along to the next stupid attack. The Hill:

Mitt Romney clearly did not mean to “dis” a beloved local bakery near Pittsburgh this week, but Democrats are leaping on his comments as they work to paint the likely GOP nominee as out of touch with voters.

Romney, meeting with local residents Tuesday at an outdoor roundtable event in Bethel Park, joked about some cookies and launched yet another attack based on what critics call his aloofness to the daily lives of Americans.

“I’m not sure about these cookies,” Romney said, and continued to tease one of the women at the table: “Did you make those cookies? You didn’t, did you? No. No. They came from the local 7-Eleven bakery or wherever.”

The cookies came from Bethel Bakery, a popular local spot, according to reports.

On Twitter, the hashtag is #cookiegate, and the Democratic National Committee was quick to make use of it.

It’s a good thing Obama can’t get hit with a #cookiegate. Well, as long as nobody brings up the Milk Bones he uses as bait.

Update: John Hayward asks, “Why didn’t the media know Obama ate dogs?” They did a mad dash to scour through Sarah Palin’s e-mails — after the 2008 election — and found nothing. But going to any bookstore and picking up Obama’s first autobiography was too much work for them. Why bother? They might’ve found something that would embarrass him.

Update: Barack Obama walks into a bar. Few minutes later, the bartender brings over his drink.

“Huh? What’s this?”

“This is what you ordered. Vodka and grapefruit juice.”

“No, I wanted a greyhound!

(Slightly modified from James Taranto’s original.)

Update: What a timely contest.

A word of advice to the winner: stick to the salad.

Q: How did Obama get his dog to roll over?
A: Um, it’s called a rotisserie.

Update: Ah, here’s that Photoshop I was looking for, courtesy of The Hayride.

And here’s another good one:

Well, give Obama time. Four more years and he might just get us there.


*That we know of.