Detroit judge sexts nearly nude picture to court bailiff, says ‘I’ve got no shame in my game’

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Despite former U.S. Rep Anthony Weiner’s Twitpic mishap, “sexting” is still a popular activity among teens and, apparently, Michigan judges.

Detroit 3rd Circuit Judge Wade McCree sent a nearly nude picture to a married court bailiff, and he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with that.

“Hot dog!,” McCree said in response to being confronted with the photograph by the local Fox affiliate. “Yup, that’s me.”

“I’ve got no shame in my game,” the judge added.

Perhaps feeling a little bit cocky, McCree added “You can almost get that here and now.”

While McCree seems to be happy with himself, the bailiff’s husband is less than pleased. “Highly inappropriate,” he said, “He’s not what he appears to be. At least, not to the general public because he has access to kids, he has access to different charitable functions.”

McCree, who specializes in sex misconduct cases, says he has sent out the picture to other women before and claims it was not explicit.

The bailiff’s husband said they are filing a complaint with the prosecutor and the Judicial Tenure Commission, and Fox 2’s legal analyst Charlie Langton said chances are McCree will lose his job.

“If you take your cell phone and you send naked pictures to people, that’s called sexting,” Langton said. “High school kids do it these days, I wasn’t aware that judges do it, too. I mean, it’s borderline criminal… and weird.”

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