Why the Volt’s flopping

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Volt is to Dog Food … : Maybe the Chevy Volt’s problem isn’t Obama’s kiss-of-death endorsement,  but instead simply that consumers don’t like plug-in hybrids.  The plug-in version of the proven, reliable Toyota Prius isn’t selling either in Japan, where it was launched, according to Truth About Cars.  Drivers might not want to have to plug their cars in to achieve the high-MPG they want.  It’s an extra, unfamiliar hassle. Simple as that. … P.S.:  Meanwhile, the cheaper, smaller regular old hybrid hybrid Prius, the “C”, is a huge sales success.  Unfortunately, Chevy doesn’t make a “you don’t need to plug it in to get good mileage” version of the hybrid Volt. …

Update: Instapundit‘s readers note that when it comes to plugging in, the Volt is up against a powerful  enemy: clutter.

Reader Richard Kaul writes: “Plug-ins face an uphill battle against reality. Let’s be honest, how many folks manage to get their cars in their garage? In the older section of town my relatives have a one car garage filled with stuff and 3 cars parked on the curb, while in the suburbs at least two of the three garage stalls are filled with stuff.”

You’re not supposed to use extension cords either. …

Mickey Kaus