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Are you ready for Edwards 2016?

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I’m telling you, the dude is going to make a comeback in a big way. Just check out the latest news from his trial for using campaign funds to keep his mistress and illegitimate child a secret. NY Post:

The wife of John Edwards’ former top aide broke down in tears yesterday as she testified about the insane demands Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter, made as the witness helped hide the affair.

Cheri Young, wife of Andrew Young, told a North Carolina federal jury that she felt extreme pressure to shelter Hunter in her family’s home to keep Edwards’ presidential dream alive…

Hunter made life hell as soon as she walked in the Youngs’ front door, Cheri Young said.

“She walked down the hallway, took a spin in the entry way opened her arms and said, ‘I’m here!’ ” Young recalled of Hunter’s jarring September 2007 arrival…

The loopy Hunter once even consulted her guru simply because a waiter brought the wrong kind of dressing for her reuben sandwich, Cheri said…

“I heard Mr. John Edwards tell me on the phone he checked with campaign-finance lawyers and it was legal,’’ she said, adding that he then chided her, “ ‘Get the money in!’ He was very short and very angry…”

At one point, Young became so emotional while testifying that the jury was excused to give her time to compose herself. Edwards sat at the defense table looking at his watch.

There are two Americas. In one America, knocking up your mistress on the presidential campaign trail and then spending a fortune to cover it up is frowned upon. That is, once a compliant media is forced to report on it, even though he’s not a Republican.

In the other America, John Edwards is not trying to hear it.