Md. man to cops: Robbers ‘took my weed’ [AUDIO]

Paul Conner Executive Editor
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A Maryland man told law enforcement that three masked robbers entered his home and stole his stash of marijuana and rent money, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The home invaders brandished guns and interrogated the young man about where his drugs and money were. Police said the robbers also took laptops, cell phones and a Honda CR-V from the home, which he shared with four other people in Prince George’s County.

“He took my weed, and took my rent money,” the man told a 911 dispatcher.

“We don’t usually get those kind of reports,” police spokeswoman Sgt. Sonya Rorls told the Post’s Michael S. Rosenwald.

The spokeswoman told Rosenwald that the young man cannot be charged for marijuana possession, because he was not in possession of the drugs at the time.


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