Meghan McCain lashes out at Michelle Malkin in support of Sandra Fluke

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Rev. Al Sharpton’s “Politics Nation” on MSNBC, contributor Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, lashed out at commentator Michelle Malkin following Malkin’s reaction to Meghan McCain tweeting out a photo of her and self-described contraception activist Sandra Fluke at a party after the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, D.C.

McCain described her conversation with Fluke as cordial and explained how she related to what Fluke was experiencing after Rush Limbaugh called Fluke “a prostitute” and “a slut.”

“I met Sandra Fluke at the MSNBC party in D.C. over the weekend,” she said. “And I just told her what a big fan I was of hers simply from woman to woman. We both have been through experiences where we have been lightning rods in the media and I’d been called a slut. I’ve been called disgusting and fat and all the things she had been called by Rush Limbaugh. There aren’t that many women on the planet that can relate to having you name and your body be caused as a media firestorm.”

McCain’s tweet of the photo did get a Twitter reaction out of conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, which McCain said was “an absolute manic rampage,” even though as of Tuesday night, Malkin’s twitter feed doesn’t appear to indicate that. Nonetheless, McCain said she pledged her support to Fluke at that event.

“So we had a really nice conversation,” she said. “I told her any time she want it call me to vent about what it feels like, I’m here for her. And literally no sooner after I tweeted, and I got in the car and it was tweet after tweet after tweet. Michelle Malkin, the conservative commentator went on an absolute manic rampage attacking both of us. She is a woman who is in the media that claims to support other women, unless of course when it’s me and Sandra Fluke bonding together.”

McCain attacked Malkin again and accused her of being selective over which women she will support.  McCain reference Malkin to only support women like Ann Coulter, even though the two have been locked up in something of a feud over former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s public persona in recent weeks.

“You know, Sandra Fluke and I are the same age and so I have a larger hope for women of my generation than I do women like Michelle Malkin,” she said. “She will only support women like Ann Coulter. A woman like me — who is pro-gay marriage and, you know pro-birth control, and I’m against abstinence-only education — apparently doesn’t fit into the realm of being friends with Sandra Fluke.”

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