Shep Smith unloads on Gingrich after campaign suspension speech [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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MSNBC, eat your heart out.

Your contrived anti-Newt Gingrich rage has nothing on Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith, who, after Gingrich’s lengthy campaign suspension announcement, called the former candidate “delusional” and said that he doesn’t “know anybody on his side of the political aisle who can stand him anymore.”

“Wow — well, I’m exhausted,” Smith said on “Studio B” on Wednesday. “And just a guess here, I’m not one who normally just sort of guesses at things. After all, we have to live by a set of facts. But I’m guessing both of you are exhausted as well. The two of you who stayed with us. Ed Rollins is here. I feel like I’ve just been transported from other world.”

After his guest, Fox News contributor Ed Rollins, spoke on all the flaws of Gingrich’s campaign, Smith rattled off more complaints about the former speaker of the House, who was also a Fox News contributor prior to his presidential run.

“Yeah, the man who was going to get the country out of debt is $4.5 million out in debt himself,” Smith said. “So rather than quitting the campaign, he has suspended the campaign — like they all do. And the reason they do that is to keep raising money. So Newt Gingrich is going to do what he’s been doing for all this time and that’s keep raising money and trying to sell books. After all, he’s written three novels on subject A, four novels on — Carl Cameron, I don’t know anybody on his side of the political aisle who can stand him anymore. I don’t understand what he just did, why he just did it, what he was hoping — I don’t understand it. Could you help me?”

When Cameron wrapped up his synopsis of the events that led to the end of the Gingrich campaign, Smith continued by declaring Gingrich “delusional.” (RELATED: Full coverage of Newt Gingrich)

“I remember, so before he announced for the presidency I saw him in the green room right back over here,” he said. “He said, ‘Shep, I’m going to have the biggest online event ever. I’m going to announce this in multiple cities all across the country.’ I’m like, I thought then he was delusional and now I’m sure.”

Gingrich has had a public back-and-forth with Fox News. Last month, Gingrich attacked his former employer for being pro-Mitt Romney — the candidate he competed with for the Republican nomination. Fox News fired back at Gingrich, saying the former speaker was just trying to better position himself for a job at CNN.

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