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Wikipedia doesn’t want you to know that Obama eats dogs

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As I told you last week, some mischievous troublemaker created a Wikipedia page for “Obama Eats Dogs,” after trying and failing to add that fact to the page for Seamus the Dog.

And I told you that some Wikipedia editors were trying to suppress it. Well, they finally succeeded. Earlier today, it was deleted by a Wikipedia administrator calling herself “Panyd”:

Here’s a better look:

She seems like a pleasant enough young lady. According to Panyd’s Wikipedia user page, she’s an “Experienced Editor,” her “cats have their own userbox,” she’s an “agnostic atheist,” and she “lives with schizophrenia.” Just FYI.

And she doesn’t think you need to know that Obama eats dogs. After all, how is that going to help him get reelected?

Seamus the Dog still has his own page, by the way. It mentions Obama’s joke about him at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but nothing about Obama’s own dog-eating. Why not? See previous paragraph.

P.S. You can still find the Google cache for the now-suppressed information, but that’ll go away in a few days. Like it never happened. Like Obama never admitted it.

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Jim Treacher