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Justice John Edwards?

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Rielle Hunter proved that John Edwards is a supremely good judge of character. Try to keep that in mind as you read the following from the NY Post:

GREENSBORO, NC — A delusional, two-timing Sen. John Edwards dreamed of a Supreme Court appointment, even as his political career crumbled under the weight of a seedy sex scandal, according to testimony today.

Leo Hindery, Edwards’ economic policy adviser in his failed 2008 White House bid, told jurors that the North Carolina Democrat was ready to surrender after then-candidate Barack Obama won the hotly contested Iowa caucuses.

“He asked me to reach out to the Obama campaign and make clear his availability on the ticket,” said Hindery, managing partner at Intermediary Partners, a private equity firm in New York.

Edwards had been Sen. John Kerry’s running mate in 2004. If not the White house, Edwards’ ultimate goal was to someday reach America’s highest court, according to Hindrey.

“We talked about a more elaborate goal of Mr. Edwards, which was to be a Supreme Court justice,” Hindrey told the federal panel.

Which sounds ridiculous in hindsight. But it still might’ve been possible if Edwards and Hunter had limited themselves to oral arguments.

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