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Don’t worry, America: David Letterman still hates George W. Bush

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Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen all the polls and all the punditry about how nervous the Democrats are and how discombobulated the Obama campaign is. That’s all well and good. But for sheer entertainment value, this alone is worth all of that stuff put together:

What more do we want Obama to do for us? How about prosecuting the intelligence guys who led us to Bin Laden? Obama promised he’d do that, but for some reason that’s kinda fallen by the wayside. Oh, and Gitmo is still open. What’s up with that, Dave?

I like that America’s second-favorite philanderer is even crankier and even more brazenly partisan than usual. I like that nothing he’s been doing has been working. I like that Leno is still beating him night after night.

And I like the thought of how much worse his mood will be in another six months.

I haven’t watched Dave’s show in at least 5 years, by the way, so I don’t know if he’s told any jokes about Obama eating dogs. Ha ha, just kidding. He hasn’t.

As for Brian Williams: What, he’s gonna argue?

No heel-click, though. Poor form, Williams. One-point deduction.

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Jim Treacher