Ode to the new DOJ spokesman [VIDEO]

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Editor’s Note: Former Chuck Schumer spokesman Brian Fallon just landed a gig with The Daily Caller’s favorite department, the Department of Justice. To commemorate this great day, and all the fun times we’ve had with the DOJ, we’re digging a fun time we had with Brian out of TheDC Vault. Congrats, Bri Guy! And keep tapping our phones reading.

It’s no secret that reporters and Capitol Hill press secretaries don’t get along sometimes.

Case in point: The Daily Caller received a voicemail from an exhausted-sounding Senate spokesman last month who was a little, shall we say, displeased with the following headline:

McCain fingers Schumer as media whore for ‘grandstanding’ on Ariz. immigration law

“This is Brian Fallon at Chuck Schumer’s office,” the voice said. “I’m calling about the headline — I don’t give a crap about your story, but is ‘whore’ really a word that The Daily Caller uses in headlines on its website?”

Actually, yes.

“I don’t know if you were not responsible for the headline,” he told TheDC’s intrepid reporter, “But regardless, I suggest you take a look at how that looks on your website, and I would suggest maybe changing it.”

Good point. We’ll get right on that.

For now, we present a lyric.

Ode to a spokesman

It was a cold, dreary day in our city so fair;
journos huddled by fires, pints held with care.
But the flacks were not resting, by their honor they swore
to defend their brave bosses from TheDC’s word, “whore.”

But what to their surprise, to their sadness, chagrin!
That their mouth-breathing message should spread cheer and wide grins.
When what to their Google Alerts did appear
but a grand puppet play show, for your pleasure, right here.

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