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Alec Baldwin slams Andrew Breitbart for no apparent reason

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First, let’s talk about one of the good guys with the last name Baldwin. Adam Baldwin made his film debut in My Bodyguard back in 1980, and since then he’s appeared in everything from Full Metal Jacket to Independence Day to Chuck to the late, great Firefly. He’s also at the vanguard of an emerging trend: Hollywood actors who aren’t liberal drones and aren’t keeping quiet about it.

And he’s not related to Alec Baldwin, fortunately. Via Twitchy:

Alec Baldwin stooped to a new low tonight with his pathetic, unwarranted tweet about the late new media legend Andrew Breitbart. In an apocalyptic showdown with fellow actor Adam Baldwin, Alec invoked Andrew Breitbart’s name for no apparent purpose, causing conservatives and even some of Alec’s own fans to hold him accountable.

I’m not sure what the dispute is about, but I’m pretty sure Breitbart didn’t have anything to do with it. Adam annoyed Alec somehow, and because Alec is a crazy, vindictive hothead, he lashed out. “You’re a right-winger, huh? Okay then, I’ll rip on Breitbart. Take that!”

Adam then made a futile attempt to appeal to Alec’s basic humanity:

Which prompted Alec to rationalize his latest PR disaster:

Good point, Mr. Mayor.

I asked Adam for comment. He said: “I admire Alec’s talent as an actor. I honestly do not understand the intent of his comment about my dearly departed friend Andrew.”

Alec doesn’t either. He was just angry, as usual, and he used whatever weapon was at hand. And if it meant mocking a dead guy in front of the whole world, including the guy’s wife and four kids, too bad.

I don’t know about you, but it makes me glad I don’t bank at Capital One.

P.S. At least Adam is in good company, as the UK Press Association reports:

Alec Baldwin has laid into Harvey Weinstein during an angry tirade after the Hollywood producer refused to appear in the actor’s documentary.

The American star was angered when Weinstein, who produced Lord Of The Rings, would not take part in the film Baldwin is making in Cannes about movie financing.

The Hollywood Reporter said Baldwin was furious when he arrived with fiancee Hilaria Thomas at the Calvin Klein IFP party in the French Riviera resort.

Seeing some people he knew, he walked into the centre of a room filled with models, celebrities and business people, as well as journalists, and started criticising Weinstein.

“I don’t care who knows,” he is reported to have said. “After the success he had at Cannes last year and all the f****** Oscars, he’s still a f****** douche bag. I can’t believe it.”

It has to sting when “Don’t you know who I am?” is increasingly met with: “No.” (Just kidding, Alec! Of course they know who you are. That’s why they want nothing to do with you.)