Thune open to being Romney’s vice president

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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South Dakota Sen. John Thune said on Wednesday that although he is not actively seeking the job, he would be amenable to being Mitt Romney’s vice president.

Thune made the candid comments on the subject to reporters after a town hall in his home state of South Dakota, NBC reported — a refreshing change of pace from the non-denial denials given by other potential running mates.

“I don’t think you ever rule out or say no to opportunities to public service. If you are really interested in making a difference for your country, you want to put your gifts and abilities to the highest and best use,” Thune said.

“I like the job I have,” Thune continued. “I look forward to working with a president, as a member of the United States Senate, that is interested in solving problems.”

He added that the vice presidency was “not a job I aspire to.”

The senator is on the Romney campaign’s list of possible running mates, senior Romney adviser John Sununu told National Review Online in a piece published on Wednesday, but Thune said he did not expect to be picked.

“I don’t expect that to happen but I don’t think you never say never when it comes to serving your country,” Thune said.

Thune endorsed Romney early in the primary process — right before Thanksgiving — as opposed to other prominent Republicans who waited until the field had narrowed to make an endorsement.

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