It’s ‘offical’: Spelling is hard for Romney campaign

Holly Bensur Contributor
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The third embarrassing spelling error was no charm for the Mitt Romney campaign — or for the unfortunate employees managing his online messaging.

Less than a week after the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s “Amercia” iPhone app mistake generated laughs worldwide, two more spelling errors emerged — this time on the campaign’s official Facebook account.

One sharp-eyed copy editor noticed that Romney’s Facebook page offered a link to the campaign’s store where “offical” gear could be bought.

Twitter user @typohunter, developer and proofreader Kari Embree of San Diego, first caught the mistake on Sunday, tweeting, “1.8 millions likes, and Mitt Romney still has typos on his Facebook page. Awesome.” The Typo Hunter also included a twitpic screenshot of the error.

Mashable picked up on The Typo Hunter’s catch and published an article Monday night. The “offical” link was removed shortly after.

The Facebook page also posted a picture encouraging viewers to text a number if they “want a sneak-peak of our new TV ad.” The correct word to use, of course, is “peek.”

As of Tuesday, the “sneak-peak” picture had been taken down and “offical” had been changed to “official.”

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