Man sues hospital for ignoring his prolonged erection

Stephanie Wang Contributor
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Someone is having a hard time.

A Massachusetts man with a medical condition that causes prolonged, painful erections sued the Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut for $2 million, claiming that staff at an affiliated medical facility ignored his condition because they were too busy watching a baseball game, Gawker reports. (And apparently, thinking about baseball didn’t help either.)

Darren Scott said he waited over an hour after his arrival before staff paid any attention to his condition. He also alleged that hospital staff didn’t give him the proper injection of necessary medication, and that no one consulted a urologist. He was transferred to the hospital, he said, where he had to wait another four hours for an operation — which was unsuccessful.

The hospital said Scott’s discomfort was due to his own failure “to follow reasonable medical advice,” but it won’t have to defend the lawsuit: The statute of limitations on Scott’s claims has expired.

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