Octomom cancels upcoming stripping gig

Sally Nelson Contributor
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For the first time ever, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman is reacting to trash talk.

Suleman has canceled her upcoming strip joint appearance because she thinks the club’s staffers are talking badly about her, TMZ reports.

Octomom had planned to slide down a pole in only her skivvies at T’s Lounge in Palm Beach, Fla., for three nights in July. But when a bartender said Suleman had “a lot of mouths to feed so it was only a matter of time” before she started stripping, the mother of 14 pulled out of the deal.

Octomom was also upset after a staffer insinuated that she might bare it all for the right price.

Apparently, national smack talk over her solo porn flick last month was not enough to keep her from signing onto a stripping job. The reaction over her controversial octo-pregnancy in 2009 also sparked a few off-the-cuff comments from T’s bartenders.

The mother of 14 is reportedly out $1 million after she filed for bankruptcy in April. The gig would have made her “thousands.”

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