Corker ‘infuriated’ — 5 times — over Obama’s ‘lack of courage’ on economy

Hal Libby Contributor
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Senator Bob Corker is “infuriated,” to say the least.  He used the word five times during his appearance Friday on the Fox News Channel.

Corker, who sits on the Senate Banking Committee, said, “What infuriates me is at a time when I want to see Tennesseans with jobs and Americans with jobs, we have a president more interested in campaigning and throwing out poll-tested solutions than addressing the major issue of our country. I’m infuriated!”


The Tennessee Republican criticized President Obama’s remarks during his Friday press conference, and his leadership on fiscal and economic issues. “Our country would not be in the position it is in today if this president had one iota of leadership on this issue and, again, that’s why having this press conference to announce these little mealy-mouth, penny ante solutions that will do nothing.”

Corker was just getting started. He added that the president’s solutions are “an insult to American intelligence, and it just shows either his lack of ability to lead, lack of courage, or it shows a total misunderstanding of what’s causing our economy to be like it is.”

But at least he kept it clean, saying that without presidential leadership “our economy is going to heck and a handbasket.”