Text donations may serve as ‘antidote to the super PACs’

Hal Libby | Contributor

After a unanimous decision Monday by the Federal Election Commission, presidential campaigns can now receive contributions through text messages. Both the Obama and Romney campaigns will be begin taking text donations immediately.

The Washington Post points out the significance of this ruling as text donations are being hailed by both sides of the aisle and independent watchdog groups as a possible balance to the role wealthy donors currently play in fundraising.

Al Gore’s former press secretary, Armour Media president Mark Armour, believes the change in donation regulations could be the “antidote to the super PACs.”

Donations will be limited to $10 per text and $50 per month. These small donations will be given anonymously. 

Reuters estimates that somewhere between 50 and 70 percent of each donation will go to the intended political campaign — with the rest going to the companies that facilitate the transaction.

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