Obama: Voters are not following ‘the ins and outs of this campaign’

Holly Bensur Contributor
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President Barack Obama said Tuesday night at a fundraiser at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia that voters are “not following… the ups and downs, the ins and outs of this campaign.”

Obama attended five other fundraisers in Baltimore and Philadelphia Tuesday.

When describing voters, the president said, “they do have a sense of what’s true. They have pretty good instincts about what works and they’re not persuaded that an economy built on the notion that everybody here is on their own is somehow going to result in a stronger, more prosperous America.  So our job is to just make sure that we get that message out.”

“Earlier Tuesday, a day after prominent Democratic strategists warned the party’s basic message is not working, Obama spoke at a fundraising event near Baltimore and delivered a version of the same speech he has been giving for months,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

Obama said during the fundraiser that he believed the American people agree with his campaign’s policies of moving the country “forward” — like his campaign slogan.

“We’ve been able to right the ship a little bit,” Obama said about the economy on one of his stops in a private home Tuesday, “We’re moving in the right direction,” Fox News reports.

“Another term would help ‘consolidate these gains and… lock in the kind of progress that we need to ensure that American’s middle class is growing again,’ he said.

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