UN-backed NGO urges kids to replace cigarettes with guns

Melissa Quinn Contributor
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A United Nations-backed NGO recently hosted a puppet show for children in Jerusalem that urged them to replace cigarettes with machine guns and encouraged them to see Jews as “enemies” who kill the Arab youth of Jerusalem.

The Burj al-Luq Luq Social Center Society, a Palestinian Authority organization based in Jerusalem, hosted the puppet show in an effort to teach young children not to smoke, but the puppeteers instead preached, “Jerusalem doesn’t need youth who hold cigarettes. It needs men who hold machine guns,” Israeli National News reports.

The video, obtained and translated into English by the Palestinian Media Watch research organization, was performed for children in East Jerusalem, and included puppets singing, “Jerusalem, whose youth are being killed by the Jews… Jerusalem, we will not surrender to the enemies or be humiliated.”

According to Burj al-Luq Luq’s website, the organization has been supported by several branches of the UN, including UNICEF and UNESCO, and also has been backed by a number of international donors.

Many UNESCO-funded programs have been implemented in conjunction with the Burj al-Luq Luq Social Center Society, including the development of a World Education Programme for young students and a DREAMs Centre to provide non-formal educational programs for children.

This is not the first time donations from the UN have been used to support organizations that promote violence and hatred against Jews and Israel, Palestinian Media Watch reported. UNESCO once supported a Palestinian magazine that celebrated Hitler for killing Jews.

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