June 19 Lagniappe

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Michael Koplow for the Ottomans and Zionists blog: “Turning Israel Into A Partisan Issue Does Israel No Favors”

Peter Wehner for Commentary: “The Responsibility of Government”

Marco Rubio for National Review Online: “My Immigration Firestorm”

David Harsanyi for Human Events: “Department Of Labor Proposal Would Force Journalists To Use Government Computers, Software”

Rod Dreher for The American Conservative: “The Times, Gays & the Cheerleader Effect”

Conor Friedersdorf for The Atlantic: “ObamaLeaks: Sunday Shows Bring More Bad News For Transparency”

David Rodgers for Politico: “Big breakthrough on farm bill”

Jeffrey Goldberg for The Atlantic: “Shimon Peres: Only America Can Manage The Iran Situation”


Here’s an essay from William Schambra for National Affairs that quite persuasively argues the Tea Party is merely the latest in a string of efforts to fight back against efforts from populists that seek to destroy our basic system of governance. It’s entitled: “The Saviors of the Constitution”

And over at the DMZ, Bill Scher and I ponder whether bloggers might be too sensitive about their status.


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