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Lawrence O’Donnell rewrites the truth about Ann Romney

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Here’s another delightful bit of history I didn’t get to comment on during my vacation. Observe Lawrence O’Donnell’s latest bumbling attempt to demonize Mitt Romney:

Wow, O’Donnell is just inept. Bob Schieffer calls Ann Romney an Olympic athlete, and Mitt Romney corrects him on it (“In this case, it’s not her personally”). Then, literally seconds later, O’Donnell pops up with his big canned-ham face and sneers, “Romney just claimed his wife is an Olympic athlete!” And then he says horses haven’t really helped her with her MS because of Romney’s tax returns or something. All for the purpose of claiming Romney is “rewriting” history.

O’Donnell must think his target audience is really, really stupid. And he’s got some solid evidence. After all, they’re watching him.

Incidentally, I do believe Scary Larry when he drops into his Concern Voice and says he’s not mocking Ann Romney because she has MS. He just doesn’t care that she does, because she’s in his way politically.

As for the idea that Romney’s wealth is somehow a barrier to entry in the White House, I believe David Burge said it best:

P.S. Neil Cavuto liked it even less than I did:

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