Don’t be paranoid! We’re out to get you.

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Don’t Be Paranoid. We’re Out to Get You: From the conclusion of Eugene Robinson’s op-ed attacking the GOP’s Fast and Furious investigation:

[C]ongress should look into the overall flow of firearms from the United States into Mexico. The Fast and Furious weapons were just a small part of a much larger problem. Mexican officials have complained for years that lax U.S. gun laws have the effect of worsening drug-related violence along the border. …

If Issa really wants to save U.S. and Mexican lives, he should convene hearings on banning the sale of high-powered weapons.

That will reassure Second Amendment enthusiasts who suspect the otherwise indefensible Fast & Furious fiasco was really an effort to lay the groundwork for a … ban on the sale of weapons (by confirming the Mexicans’ complaints about the origin of guns involved in Mexican drug violence). …

Mickey Kaus