June 25 Lagniappe

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Hal Libby for The Daily Caller: “Shop owners recall more teen Romney pranks: fake stickup, impersonating firefighter”

Jeff Jacoby for the Boston Globe: “Brown should have said yes to Kennedy Institute debate”

Jim Pethokoukis for the American Enterprise Institute: “Sorry, Washington Post, Romney didn’t get rich moving U.S. jobs overseas”

Jake Tapper for The New Republic: “The Snoozeroom: Aaron Sorkin’s empty critique of cable news”

James Fallows for The Atlantic: “SCOTUS Update: La Loi, C’est Moi”

Human Events: “Supreme Court To Rule On ObamaCare, Immigration This Week”

Ed Morrissey for Hot Air: “Brooks: Gee, it was pretty dumb to assert executive privilege, huh?”

Jonathan Tobin for Commentary: “U.S. Must Avoid Embrace of Morsi”


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