Sen. Scott Brown demands Holder’s resignation

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown demanded Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation on Wednesday, the eve of the expected House vote to hold Holder in contempt of Congress over Operation Fast and Furious.

“He can’t effectively serve the president,” Brown said on a Massachusetts radio program. “For the best interest of the country, I think he should step down and resign. He’s lost the confidence of the American people. Certainly he’s lost the confidence of Congress. He misled Congress. They have a right to know.”

Brown was appearing on “NightSide,” with Dan Rea – a radio appearance in which he had challenged his Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren to appear with him. Warren refused and, according to the Boston Herald, the appearance was “much-ballyhooed” as a “one-man Senate debate.”

In a solo appearance on MSNBC later on, Warren said Brown’s call for Holder’s resignation is mere politics. “Just one more politician,” Warren said. “I mean this is really all about politics and playing this game in Washington. And the Republicans think they’ve got something here, and he’s just trying to see if he can turn up the temperature on it. I think this is why people get disgusted by politics.”

But, during his call for Holder to resign, Brown said it’s hardly about politics. It’s about getting answers about what happened in Fast and Furious for slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s family. “There should be a full and fair exchange of information so we can get to the bottom of it,” Brown said. “Mr. Terry’s family needs to know, and American citizens need to know, what happened and why.”

Brown joins seven other U.S. senators, 129 House members, two sitting governors and presumptive GOP presidential nominee former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in demanding Holder’s resignation.

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