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Facebook’s recent troubles continue, with emails sent using their new email system seemingly disappearing. The trouble comes after Facebook changed all of their users’ email addresses to an “” domain last week, regardless of what their settings were before the switch.

The Daily Caller reported on the user uproar then, quoting Blogger Gervase Markham: “In other words, Facebook silently inserted themselves into the path of formerly-direct unencrypted communications from people who want to email me,” Markham wrote.

This email switch happened just two days before Facebook had a “temporary bug” that changed user’s default political views, TheDC reported.

Now, the drama continues as Facebook’s new email apparently broke some important settings.

Apparently, the new email address has taken over some phone contact lists and, in the process, misdirected sent and received emails. Digital Trends reported that “the kicker is that instead of emails finding their way to Facebook Messages, they are nowhere to be found, somehow lost into the void.”

To add insult to injury, ReadWriteWeb reports that Facebook is essentially chalking the problem up to confused users: “A Facebook spokesperson said the missing messages may stem from confusion over how Facebook’s mail system categorizes messages, and that engineers were looking into complaints about a phone syncing issue that made it appear as if users were losing information about their contacts.”

But even the tech-savvy can’t seem to get it to work. Adobe employee Rachel Luxemburg wrote, “They’ve vanished into the ether. For all I know, I could be missing a lot more emails from friends, colleagues or family members, and never even know it.”

Facebook has responded that tech support is on the way. “Regarding the phone syncing issue, I’m having the engineers look into it and will get back to you as soon as I can with more details,” Facebook spokeswoman Meredith Chin wrote in an email on Monday.

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