iPhone app live-streams, stores real-time video in cloud

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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Not only will a new iPhone app soon allow users to stream live video to the Internet, but the video footage will be saved automatically to the cloud. The app will soon be available for Android as well.

Photography website Pixiq noted Thursday that the app also has political implications. Cloud storage makes it “impossible for police to delete the footage,” according to the announcement, “even if they do confiscate your phone, because it is not possible to delete the footage on the cloud from the phone.”

The app could be a boost for citizen journalists, activists, protesters and others who find themselves on the business end of police harassment. Many officers don’t believe they should be filmed by ordinary citizens in the same way that they use video recording themselves.

App creator David Tyler told The Daily Caller that he’s not trying to take sides.

“However, if someone is in a public place doing something, they open themselves up to public scrutiny, police officers included,” Tyler said.

“We want to empower anyone to tell the story of what happened at a certain place and time.”

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