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Obamacare is Schrödinger’s tax

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In other words, it’s a tax and it’s not a tax. The Democrats are so smart, they’ve found a way to apply quantum mechanics to simple dictionary definitions.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the only way Obamacare is constitutional is if it’s a tax. But Obama promised not to raise taxes on the middle class. How does the Obama administration reconcile the two? Simple, dummy: Obamacare is a taxnotatax! If you try to pin it down to one or the other, if you try to claim that “Is it a tax?” is a yes/no question, your thinking is so limited that it’s kind of amusing.

Therefore, how can Obamacare be unconstitutional? How can Obama have broken his promise? BOOM. Shut up.

This might seem like a problem, but only if you’re a stupid wingnut. Here’s White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew futilely trying to explain this rudimentary scientific principle to a flummoxed Chris Wallace:


See? No, I guess not. You’re just not smart enough to understand. But don’t try to be sneaky: you don’t get to both pay and not pay it.

I suppose you’re still going to ask your Dem representative: #TaxOrNoTax? Go right ahead. It’s not like you matter.

(Hat tip: Gateway Pundit)