Anarchists rage at ‘Fuck the Fourth’ march in Oakland [VIDEO]

Ryan Lovelace Contributor
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Anarchists in Oakland, Calif., celebrated America’s independence with a “Fuck the Fourth” march that included flag burning, chants of “fuck the police” and vandalizing public and private property.

Political Fail Blog, a group of “writers and truth seekers” who think “that we are meant to help one another and make each other’s lives a little bit easier,” has uploaded photos and a video of the march.

Photos of a burning flag and vandalized police cars and buildings with the anarchist logo and messages such as “KILL COPS” scribbled on them were shared via Facebook.

In an accompanying video posted on YouTube, marchers scream “fuck the police” and “fuck the president” while waving a burning flag.

Later police are shown arresting a man who identified himself as Brian Glass and said he was being charged with obstruction.

Sgt. Roland Holmgren told the Oakland Tribune the protesters slashed a tire and broke a window of a police car and vandalized City Hall, the police Internal Affairs Division, a clothing store, a hotel and a bank.

Holmgren said assigning officers to deal with the protesters took officers away from priority calls.

Political Fail Blog did not return The Daily Caller’s request for comment.