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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Brad Thor, novelist and activist

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Brad Thor is a conservative literary culture warrior.

If you liked Jack Bauer and the TV series “24,” you’ll love the best-selling stories Thor weaves about warriors in the intelligence world waging battle to maintain our freedoms.

Thor, 43, is an old-fashioned patriot and political thriller author. His last book, “Full Black,” pits a former Navy SEAL Team Six member against a George Soros-like character who seeks to destabilize America. His next book, “Black List,” comes out later this month.

Noting Thor’s propensity to insert so many facts into his fictional novels, radio host Glenn Beck said Thor’s books should be referred to as “fact-ion.”

The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas recently talked to Thor about why he writes novels, George Soros, President Obama, the CIA and much more.

Click the links below to fast-forward to each question:

What do you think of when you look at America?

What do you do and why?

Tell us about the thesis of you first novel, “Full Black,” and why you wrote it

What are your thoughts on George Soros and his agenda for America?

Your take on President Obama?

From your vantage point, what are the biggest threats to the nation?

Was America duped by the “hope and change” rhetoric of Obama in 2008?

If a President Romney would offer you any job in government to right the ship of state, where would you want to work?

Tell us your objective in social media — Twitter and Facebook?

What advice do you have to wake more Americans up to politics?

What is your next novel, “Black List,” about?

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