July 9 Lagniappe

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Erick Erickson for Red State: “Maybe We Really Do Need a Third Party”

Jeffrey Toobin for The New Yorker: “To Your Health” — (Comments on John Roberts and ObamaCare)

Jeffrey Goldberg for The Atlantic: “Hillary Clinton: Bashar’s Days Are ‘Numbered'” 

Ross Douthat for The New York Times: “Libya’s Unintended Consequences”

Noah Glynn for Next Generation Journal: “Citizen of the World’ Now ‘Protectionist-in-Chief”

Josh Barro for Bloomberg: “Some Health Care For All, but Not Too Much”

Jeffrey H. Andersen for The Weekly Standard: “The Issue of 2012”

Of Note — This piece from The American Scholar on President Woodrow Wilson‘s views regarding immigration

And although it can’t be embedded here, take a minute to view (on Youtube) the most famous campaign ad of the cycle.


Matt K. Lewis