Mark Levin: Obama re-election would be ‘national suicide’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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It probably isn’t much of a surprise that conservative radio host Mark Levin disapproves of President Barack Obama and his policies. But on his Monday radio program, he turned his critique to the American public for electing him in the first place.

On the heels of Obama’s Monday announcement that he supports continuing some of the Bush-era tax cuts, the author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” voiced his doubt that Obama can do anything to revive the U.S. economy.

“We’re never going to get out of this situation with a president like this — never,” Levin said. “Just listen to him, see what he proposes. Then of course he blames Congress, he really means the Republicans in Congress, when he doesn’t get his way. I thank God they’re there to stop him. What annoys me is he’s there stopping them.”

Levin said there are two competing visions for the country — that some people “love it” and that other Americans claim they love it, but really “hate it.”

Within the country, he said, are mini-experiments of the competing visions.

“You can see the pockets of tyranny within our own country,” he said. “And we still don’t learn from it. Let me put it bluntly: Tyranny is not compassionate. Tyranny doesn’t create responsible, self-sufficient citizens. It creates subjects. Tyranny attacks the differences between individuals, tries to force uniformity and conformity.”

“We made a huge mistake three-and-a-half years ago electing this man president as a society — a huge, huge mistake,” he said. “We do it again, it’s not a mistake. It’s national suicide.”

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