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This robbery was armed, among other things

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The following is about a woman in Australia who robbed a gas station at knifepoint. Why is this noteworthy? Just watch:

Guess she got tired of earning it one folded dollar at a time.

The voluptuous villain — Tonee Walker, AKA the Buxom Bandit, AKA Brokenbra Dundee — isn’t exactly a criminal mastermind. Not only did she keep her face uncovered along with everything else, but she touched the counter with the hand that wasn’t wearing a glove. She has now turned herself in and is out on boob. Er, bail. I meant to say she’s out on bail.

P.S. Whoops, sorry, her accomplice is out on bail. She’s still behind boobs. Bars!

(Hat tip: Ace of Spades)

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