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Robert Blake probably won’t destroy you

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I say “probably” because, well, do I control him? No, I do not.

Last night, the former actor and DEFINITELY NOT A MURDERER gave Piers Morgan’s viewer(s) something to talk about. Mainly: “Can he see me? Can he see me through the screen?”

You know, CNN has nothing to lose these days. Nobody’s watching them anymore. Why not try something new? How about: Morgan & Blake? No, no, wait: Blake & Morgan.

Wouldn’t you sit down to watch Robert Blake debating the issues of the day and telling us what Alfalfa was really like? Wouldn’t you keep coming back to see this loon smacking around this soggy lump of nothing, night after night?

No, I guess I wouldn’t either. Still. Fun to think about.

(Hat tip: AV Club)