July 13 Lagniappe

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Mickey Kaus for The Daily Caller: “Obama weakens welfare reform (again)”

Michael Moynihan for the Washington Post‘s ‘Right Turn’: “Wealth is bad, except when it isn’t”

Jeffrey Kuhner for the Washington Times: “Bury Lenin — without honors”

Dan Lipinski in the Chicago Tribune: “The need to replace health care act”

Fred Bauer for The American Thinker: “Restoration and Renewal in 2012: A Theme for Romney”

Reihan Salam for National Review Online: “The Case for (and Against) a Carbon Tax” 

Doug Mataconis for Outside the Beltway: “No, We Don’t Need To Bring Back The Draft”

Nate Silver for The New York Times: “Why Obama May Be Stronger Than His Approval Ratings”


Matt K. Lewis