July 17 Lagniappe

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Michael Brendan Dougherty for The American Conservative: “This Child’s View of Single-Motherhood” 

Steve Clemons for The Atlantic: “No, Biden Never Apologized to Obama for Getting Out Ahead on Gay Marriage”

David Frum for CNN: “Mitt Romney’s painfully bad week”

Robert Wright for The Atlantic: “Chris Christie for Vice President!” 

Ann Compton and Devin Dwyer for ABC News:Who Is Rob Portman? The ‘Anti-Palin’ of VP Picks, ‘Confident Enough to Be Humble”

Robert P. George for First Things: “Catholics Should Criticize Indiscriminate Drone Use”

Patrick Gavin for Politico: “John Rocker is still throwing heat”

William Kristol for The Weekly Standard: “A Campaign Altogether Old”

Charles Gasparino for the New York Post: “Geithner yawned at epic fraud”

Matt K. Lewis