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Brian Ross messed up so badly, even Jon Stewart noticed

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Stewart’s going even further than I am. I’m fine with leaving Brian Ross where he is. I’m fine with him serving as an example, so that every time he opens his mouth from now on, ABC News can be reminded that we know their agenda.

But then, I’m not the guy who was falsely implicated in a mass murder on national television. I’m sure that guy feels differently.

Alex Pappas has provided a helpful list of past smears against the Tea Party. I can’t remember if Jon Stewart got this worked up about any of those, but it’s helpful to look at the pattern. This didn’t happen in isolation, and if it’s still happening after the media’s bizarre, credibility-eroding coverage of Jared Loughner — Palin did it, guys? Really? — then it’s going to keep happening. You can’t shame the shameless. Hell, ABC made George Stephanopoulos an anchor. They have not yet begun to stoop.

(Hat tip: Hot Air)

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