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Noted dog-eater yuks it up with noted dog-torturer

As we all know by now, putting your dog in a carrier on the roof of your car is the worst thing you could possibly do. But how about making dogs fight with other dogs, then torturing them to death when they lose? Welllllll…

Here’s the latest piece of hard-hitting journalism from the fine folks at ABC News:

The commander-in-chief has a two words of advice for the comeback kid of the NFL: “slide more.”

At a campaign stop in Oakland on Monday, Obama asked Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who introduced the president at the event, to transmit a message to his teammate, quarterback Mike Vick.

“He told me to tell Vick to slide,” Asomugha told the Philadelphia Inquirer on Wednesday during training camp. “Promise. We talked about football for about three or four minutes and the one thing that stuck out, ‘Tell Vick to slide.’ He’s a big fan.”

I’ll bet he is. You and I might call it a “dog-fighting ring,” but Obama calls it “tenderizing.”

Vick, it seems, is taking the president’s advice.

“If the President of the U.S is saying I need to slide then I really need to start sliding. Lol. Thanks Mr. President!” the quarterback tweeted on Wednesday.

Yes. Lol indeed.

Obama has long been a vocal supporter of Vick’s comeback, even before his own fondness for canine cuisine became widely known. After all, why should a guy be punished the rest of his life for killing dogs? What’s Obama supposed to do, eat them alive?