Undecideds in the Floorboards?

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Undecideds in the Floorboards: I’ve never understood why pundits can confidently assert that Obama and/or Romney have a “floor” of 45%, 46%, or 47%. How do they know? Isn’t it possible that lots of people who tell pollsters they’re “for” Obama (or Romney) harbor grave doubts and might not do what they say (or might change their minds)? With Obama, I’m not talking so much about a racial “Bradley Effect” as a similar effect produced when voters are reluctant to admit openly that they’ve given up on whatever hopes they had when they elected Obama in 2008. … P.S.: The  answer is important because if the “floors” are in fact porous, then the race won’t necessarily be decided by relatively uninformed undecideds who only pay attention at the end P.P.S.: I attempt to make these points to Jennifer Rubin, a proponent of the Uninformed Undecided Deciders Theory, in our latest Ricochet podcast, embedded below, at around the 6:10 mark. …

Mickey Kaus