Sandra Fluke’s not-really-funny boyfriend has a YouTube page

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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If being a career birth control activist doesn’t work out for Sandra Fluke, who became famous after Rush Limbaugh called her “a prostitute” and “a slut,” lets hope she doesn’t have to rely on her fiancé Adam Mutterperl’s comedic prowess to pay the bills.

Mutterperl, son of William Mutterperl, a major donor to the Democratic Party, has established a barely viewed presence on YouTube featuring him conducting 45-second “NO talk” interviews with various newsmakers that begin with long periods of silence and end with him pretending to interrupt them with some prop.

The latest show of Mutterperl’s comedic genius features him “NO talk” interviewing former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.


It’s not clear if Fluke would approve of a show interrupting a woman just to get a laugh, as her boyfriend has done with Palin and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

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