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President Obama condones accusing his opponent of giving people cancer

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He’s fine with it. If he’s not, he can prove otherwise. (That’s the Reid Standard.) And until he proves otherwise, we should remind him that he hasn’t.

The Hill:

Mitt Romney’s campaign increased pressure on President Obama on Thursday to denounce an ad from a super-PAC supporting the president that linked the presumptive GOP nominee to the death of woman from cancer.

Romney said in a radio interview that the ad was “wrong and inaccurate” and that the Obama campaign should be “embarrassed” the super-PAC, Priorities USA, is standing by the ad.

“You know, in the past, when people pointed out that something was inaccurate, why, campaigns pulled the ad,” Romney said on Bill Bennett’s radio show. “They were embarrassed. Today, they just blast ahead…”

Why would the Obama campaign be embarrassed about accusing Romney of giving people cancer? It was their idea in the first place. Courtesy of BuzzFeed, here’s Joe Soptic being quoted making the same false accusation earlier this year. On Obama’s official campaign website.

They also used Joe Soptic in a campaign ad and a conference call for the press.

So, Obama’s big plan to distract from “You didn’t build that” is “You killed that woman.” Good work, Stephanie Cutter and Bill Burton!

Oh, but the Obama campaign knew nothing about Soptic. They had nothing to do with Priorities USA’s disgusting ad. There was no collusion.

Because that would be illegal.

“We have nothing – no involvement with any ads that are done by Priorities USA,” [campaign spokeswoman Jen] Psaki said. “We don’t have any knowledge of the story of the family. As you know, campaign finance rules in that regard are in place for a reason…”

Today their story has changed, though, because for once they have no recourse but to admit the truth. “Oh, you mean Joe Soptic! Yeah, we totally know that guy. When did we say we didn’t?”

But of course you should give them the benefit of the doubt at all times because… because… Hey, why don’t you just shut up?

P.S. Romney responds.