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Gear Test: Undertech Undercover Women’s Ultimate Compression Shorts

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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By Gracie McKee,

All summer long I have been donning dresses. From the cocktail dress to the sundress, I’ve effectively concealed in them all; and without the slightest hint there’s something underneath.  Friends have asked me, baffled, where the heck I was hiding “that thing”, or whether or not I was even carrying at all.

Many people have criticized me for not switching to a thigh holster for underneath my dress. But I have said it many times before, and I will say it again.  I am a firm believer in consistency. Every time I reach for my gun, I want to be reaching in the same place. It’s just the way I’m wired.  When summer came, and I gave up my jeans for skirts and dresses, but I wasn’t willing to change the way I carried. I used to put on jean shorts under my dress with a belt and a tuckable holster behind the hip, but a few months back I was introduced to Undertech’s compression shorts. I have been hooked ever since.

Some Details about the Undertech Compression Shorts

–        Made out of spandex with some heavy duty elastic inserts for the holsters

–        These shorts sell for $69.95 at

–        Ambidextrous

My original concerns:

When I first got the Undertech compression shorts I had a few worries. I wasn’t sure whether or not they would fit my favorite full sized XD and XDM. I was also concerned that there wouldn’t be enough retention to keep the firearm from falling out. Lastly, I was skeptical that the shorts would actually stay up where they were supposed to while carrying a 4.5 inch XDM with twenty rounds of ammunition, or a 1911 with nine rounds of forty- five.

How they tested out:

Comfort  * * * *

Concealability * * * * *

Design  * * *

Overall, the compression shorts worked much better then I originally thought they would have.

I was impressed that every single one of my handguns fit nicely in the elastic holster. This “one size fits all” approach makes life pretty easy, and is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a pair for each of my carry guns.

Retention was one of my primary concerns about these shorts. What I found is that they have adequate retention for someone who isn’t hanging upside down from monkey bars or jumping on a trampoline.  Over the past several months I have tried doing martial arts kicks, I broke out some dance moves, and have even gone running using these shorts and my firearm has never fallen out.

While I love the concept of these shorts, I think the design could use a little work.  For starters, the holster itself is not re-inforced around the top. This makes it’s imperative that you watch the gun as you slide it into the holster so as not to get the elastic caught on the trigger. It is also almost impossible for you slide it in without getting your fingers in front of the muzzle. For this reason, I always recommend that the firearm be placed in the holster before putting the shorts on.

Another problem I have with the design is that the holster is not sewn in at a cant. I believe that a bit of a cant would make it much more comfortable.

Lastly, the placement of the holster concerns me. It is borderline small of the back carry, which can pose a safety concern with regards to the spinal cord. In the event of a car wreck or other physical accident, it is possible that the impact of the firearm against your spine could cause some injuries. Not to mention if the firearm should discharge while being drawn or holstering it.

Because the holster is set so far back, I recommend blading yourself towards the threat as you draw your firearm.  This will help insure that you’re not accidentally sweeping innocent bystanders as you present. It’s also allows you to get your sights on target faster.

What I like about the design is how concealable even my full sized handguns are in these shorts. I love that I can tuck a blouse in around the firearm, and that the elastic keeps the firearm snug against my body. 

Last Words:

Overall, I believe that, when used with the right safety precautions, the Undertech compression shorts are great for those times when a belt is not an option, or underneath skirts and dresses. I’d even recommend these for running and working out.  It is important, just as with any holster, to practice safely drawing from the holster before you wear it out into the real world.  If you’re going to wear them under a dress, it should only be a knee length dress (at the longest), and it is vital that you practice getting that extra material out of the way.

For ways to wear the UnderTech compression shorts, check out my concealed carry summer look book.

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Mike Piccione