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Watch Stephanie Cutter lie about Joe Soptic on national TV

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Here she is on This Week yesterday, telling Jake Tapper something that they both know isn’t true. I especially like the brittle smile and forced laugh as she lies between her teeth:

So, Cutter wants us to believe she wasn’t listening to Joe Soptic during her press call with him last May, as he read the statement she wrote for him.

But Cutter wasn’t done embarrassing herself and the Obama campaign, as Jeff Poor reports:

On Sunday’s broadcast of CNN’s “State of the Union,” President Barack Obama’s deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter hinted at what kind of voter the campaign’s media strategy plans to target in the near-term.

While Obama has avoided answering questions from the White House press corps for more than two months now, he has taken on other media outlets for interviews, including People magazine, “Entertainment Tonight” and a New Mexico radio station, where he discussed his taste in music. According to Cutter, making time for those outlets is as important as focusing on traditional media.

“I don’t think that they’re more important, but I think that they’re equally important,” Cutter said. “I think that’s where a lot of Americans get their news…”

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Not to mention wacky morning-zoo radio.

She also said Biden shouldn’t apologize for telling a majority African-American audience that the Republicans are “gonna put y’all back in chains.” Because that would mean admitting error. That would mean admitting Biden is a disaster, and yet they’re stuck with him. That simply will not do.

Oh yeah, and she also contradicted herself on Medicare cuts:

They should put Stephanie Cutter in front of the camera as much as possible for the next 11 weeks. She makes Axelrod seem like a natural by comparison. She looks like a nervous wreck, she radiates panic, and the more desperate her lies get, the more unsettling her forced cheer becomes. “Ha ha, how ridiculous that you think I’m lying! Maybe you’re the one who’s lying, ever think about that? Huh?” She’s like a female Nathan Thurm.

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