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Taxi Driver 2: Fauxcahontas Boogaloo

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Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets. Especially those pesky Republican trackers who keep following Elizabeth Warren around!

You may have seen the altercation this weekend as Warren was leaving a public event on Martha’s Vineyard, haven of the 99%:

The fellow in the hat certainly is aggressive, isn’t he? “Get out of my face,” he snarls, as he gets into the cameraman’s face. After, um, knocking his camera to the ground. The guy seems to be taking it very personally, if we’re to judge by the way he intones his closing line: “You’re messin’ with the wrong people.”

Who are “the wrong people”? If the Warren campaign is to be believed, “the wrong people” are cab drivers. Boston Globe:

A video posted online shows an encounter between a cab driver for Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren and a campaign “tracker” for the Massachusetts Republican Party…

“The person featured in the video was not a member of the Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts staff. He is a cab driver. Elizabeth did not see what happened,” Warren campaign spokeswoman Julie Edwards said in a statement. “The photographer has a right to film in public locations, and the campaign had allowed him to film the entirety of Elizabeth’s event. The confrontation was wrong.”

Wow, they threw that guy right under the cab. And since they claim he has nothing to do with Warren, and she didn’t see what was happening right in front of her, they’re okay with admitting that what he did was wrong.

Who is he, anyway? The Washington Free Beacon found out:

An eyewitness to the confrontation between Elizabeth Warren’s violent taxi driver and a Republican cameraman this weekend on Martha’s Vineyard has confirmed the identity of the assailant.

Morgan Reitzas is the president of Vineyard Transport, which owns and operates Martha’s Vineyard Taxi, the cab company that Warren was using at the time of the incident. Reitzas was filmed allegedly assaulting a GOP tracker over the weekend.

Reitzas was photographed with his arms around Warren and her husband Bruce Mann in July 2012, more than a month before the incident.

Reitzas’ relationship with Warren and Mann remains unclear.

You could try asking Reitzas on Facebook, but his page has been deleted.

Is Elizabeth Warren just a good customer? Is that why Reitzas felt so strongly about somebody following her with a camera that he knocked it to the ground? Is that why he said, “You’re messin’ with the wrong people”? Was he just defending the integrity of his cab company?

Must be. Hey, it’s politics. What harm is one more hack?

Don’t worry, national news. You don’t have to cover this one. The guy who got assaulted is just a Republican.

(Hat tip: Legal Insurrection)