Occupy Tampa confronts Westboro Baptist Church [SLIDESHOW]

Zach Gorelick Contributor
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Photo by Zach Gorelick

Occupy Tampa and local anarchists confronted the Westboro Baptist Church Tuesday afternoon as police braced for clashes between the two extremist groups.

The WBC and Occupy squared off near an underpass about a mile away from the Tampa Convention Center, with the church blaring anti-gay songs through a loudspeaker while counter-protesters chanted “God is a Fag,” a spin on the infamous “God Hates Fags” mantra of the WBC.

No physical confrontation ensued, though many “occupiers” displayed sexual gestures and same-sex couples kissed in protest of the church’s stance on homosexuality.

Photo by Zach Gorelick

Political satirist Vermin Supreme took to his bullhorn to sing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and announce that “haters gonna hate.”


All photos by Zach Gorelick/The Daily Caller.

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