Mack on Senate opponent: ‘I guess he just doesn’t have any vision’

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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TAMPA, Fla. — Florida Senate hopeful and Congressman Connie Mack IV said Wednesday that the negative ads his Democratic opponent, Sen. Bill Nelson, is running against him are insulting to Florida voters and show an inability to talk about real issues.

Nelson is running a scathing ad attacking Mack, titled “Meet Connie.” It paints the congressman as “a promoter for Hooters with a history of barroom brawls, altercations, and road rage.” It also aims to embarrass him for missing House votes, and for having “a sense of entitlement.”

“He thinks the rules are different for him,” the ad concludes.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” said Mack, sitting down with The Daily Caller at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

“I think people are interested in having a conversation about the future of America and what the hopes and dreams are for their children — not running ads that, frankly, I think dismiss the Florida voters. … He’s a forty year career politician and that’s the best he can do? That’s sad,” Mack said.

“He wants to kind of attack us, instead of talking to the people about what his vision is for the future,” Mack said.

“I guess he just doesn’t have any vision.”

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