Gov. Sununu predicts Romney’s campaign will ‘carpet bomb’ Obama with ads

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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The RNC held a conference call today with former Gov. John Sununu, a top Romney campaign surrogate who is utterly quotable.

“I love to criticize campaigns,” he harrumphed, when asked if Romney’s campaign would be aggressive enough. “This campaign, as I watched it through the primaries, had discipline and spent its money aggressively and tough at exactly the right time, step by step.”

“If I had to give you my own personal technical term for what they’re going to do,” he said — “They’re going to carpet bomb them.”

Answering a follow-up question regarding his “carpet bomb” comment, Sununu noted: “[Romney’s campaign was] smart enough to hoard their cash. They are now sitting here with $60 million more than the Obama campaign — and a group of friendly PACs out there with an even bigger difference in money…they saved their money. They are targeting…I don’t know…my guess is they’re targeting between 12-15 states.”

Listen to audio of the call here.

The Washington Times has more here.

Matt K. Lewis