Michael Steele: ‘New generation’ of GOP has learned from Bush years [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Making his case for why Americans should trust the GOP on fiscal issues this election, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele told The Daily Caller his party now has a “new generation of leaders” with “fiscal sanity.”

Steele also commented on the decision to move President Obama’s speech to a smaller venue.

“I think largely because they, one of the biggest steps you can make in politics is to recognize the error of your ways,” Steele told TheDC at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday.

“I think the elections of 2009 and 2010 clearly sent that message that with the election of a new generation of leaders coming into the Congress who have fiscal sanity as part of their mantra, through controlled spending and streamlining the government processes and programs. I think that’s smart and I think that the country can look at these leaders and say, ‘they’re at least worth listening to.'”

TheDC asked Steele why he thinks President Obama’s speech was moved to the Time Warner Arena, a smaller venue, given that a local forecaster said Thursday will bring the best weather all week.

“Could they fill the arena? We don’t know. Is that the issue for changing it? We don’t know. You know? Is there concern about the weather? Yeah, because I have heard that there’s going to be bad weather and the priority for this convention as it was for the Republican convention is to make sure that people here are safe,” Steele said.

The Maryland Republican also said that the message he took away from the GOP convention was “we’re ready to lead” and “turn the direction” of the country.

“The message here is still evolving. It’s only been the first day. Let’s see what the president says on Thursday night because all of the speeches up to his really don’t matter. His is the most important one including Bill Clinton’s quite frankly,” Steele said.

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