Elizabeth Warren autographs cookbook honoring her ‘Native American’ culinary heritage

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Conservative radio talk show host Howie Carr is circulating a video of a bystander getting Masachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s signature on a cookbook containing her supposed “Cherokee” recipes.

On a clandestine mission for a single autograph, a conservative activist approaches Warren with a book, “Pow Wow Chow,” containing a collection of Native American recipes to which she contributed. The book identifies her as “Elizabeth Warren – Cherokee.” (RELATED: Cherokees to Elizabeth Warren: ‘We don’t claim you!’)

Republican Sen. Scott Brown’s campaign is circulating the video after controversial claims against her self-described Native American heritage arose surrounding her employment at two Ivy League law schools.


Warren’s political opponents argue that her classification as Native American is false, with no adequate evidence warranting her “Indian heritage.” (RELATED: Complete coverage of Elizabeth Warren)

In the video, Warren signs the cookbook, unaware of the contents of the book. Published in 1984, the book has gained popularity due to the lack of evidence for either her cultural or culinary claim to her Native American heritage.

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